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AKC Trick Dog, Virtual Home Manners, & CGC

We offer AKC Trick Dog testing, virtual home manners testing, as well as CGC for all levels! AKC trick dog testing can be done in person or virtually. CGC testing can only be done in person.

Tricks are a fabulous way to bond with your dog, and increase their mental enrichment.

AKC Trick Dog

Record your trick dog submission video

Edit together your video following the instructions on the trick list. Perform each trick ONCE, and label the trick in the video. Trick dog novice through trick dog performer allows edited videos with different cuts; however, trick dog elite performer must be filmed in one take without cuts.

Upload your video onto YouTube, and make sure the privacy setting is on Public or Unlisted.

Submit your video for testing!

Submit your video here for evaluation! You are able to choose evaluation only, or evaluation plus a ribbon sent to your home. Once you've passed, we'll send you an email confirmation, as well as steps for AKC Title Submission!

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