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Meet Arya & Jagger
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Arya x Jagger
May 22nd, 2022

The National Parks Litter


About the Parents

I am so beyond ecstatic to finally make this announcement. Arya has become everything I wanted her to be and more. She has an incredibly sound temperament, a fantastic off switch, and a great work ethic. She is the kind of dog you can find snoozing on the couch all day but if you ask her to work, she'll be right at your side ready to go at a moment's notice. She has never met a stranger, loves children and other dogs, and adores traveling/hiking and exploring new places. She competes and excels in a variety of sports, such as agility, dock, disc, scent work, rally, and trick dog. She is a carrier for EAOD and is health panel clear otherwise. For OFA she received a "Good" for her hips & "Normal" for shoulders & elbows.

Upon stud searching, I wanted to find a dog that would complement her, as well as add where necessary. A dog with a great off switch, wonderful conformation, environmental stability, health panels, and more. 

When I say Jagger is everything I wanted in a stud, he is everything I wanted in a stud and more. Jagger is a proven stud, having had 5 incredibly talented litters, is completely bombproof, never met a stranger (looooves children!), and is fantastic in every sport his fantastic mama Ana has trained him in. He has a love for herding, flyball (3.85), disc, dock, obedience (working on his utility title), and does a little agility on the side (5x Canadian World Team Member). As Ana says, he has no problem being an absolute idiot at flyball, being super think-y when herding, and using his brain in obedience. Jagger is health panel clear, with OFA results of "Good" for hips & "Normal" for elbows.

These pups have been everything we expected them to be and more. They are lovely members of the family, have fantastic off switches, and thrive in any sport thrown their way. They are thriving in agility, disc, scent work, dock diving, obedience, herding, canicross, and so much more. More information is available above
 on each dog's bios by clicking on their names or their photos.

Meet The National Parks Litter!
Click on names for more information! Recent information is
located in each puppy blurb.



January 20th, 2024: For her first trial in 2024, Rainier went 2/2 at an AKC Scent Work Trial. She won 1st place in both Advanced Interior and Advanced Container, achieving her Scent Work Interior Advanced title (SIA)!

February 2rd, 2024: At her first attempt ever at NACSW, Rainier achieved her ORT title passing Birch, Anise, & Clove!

March 9 & 10, 2024: Rainier went 9/12 at an AKC Scent Work Trial, with 4 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd. She also made her excellent debut and got 2 Q's towards her excellent titles, with a placement (3rd) in excellent buried! She also achieved the following 3 titles:

  • Scent Work Buried Advanced (SBA)

  • Scent Work Container Advanced (SCA)

  • Scent Work Advanced (SWA)

April 20th, 2024: Rainier went 7/7 at Versatile K9's Wild West City AKC Scent Work Trial. She got 1st and 3rd in Excellent Exterior Classes, gaining her Scent Work Exterior Excellent (SEE) title! She also debuted in Excellent Interior and got her first Q in that, as well as 4 more Advanced Qs in Advanced Interior & Exterior.

May 17th, 2024: At her first UpDog event of the year, Rainier got a PB In TNG & got her last bronze up required for her DDBE title! She placed twice in the pro division.

May 25th, 2024: Rainier went 5/7 at ECSCA's AKC Scent Work Trial, getting 4 1st places (Container Advanced, Container Excellent, Buried Advanced, Exterior Advanced) and a 2nd place in Interior Excellent.

June 8th & 9th, 2024: Rainier had her largest scent work weekend yet! She Q'd 12 times with 3 1sts, 2 3rds, and 2 4ths! She also got 2 new titles, her Interior Excellent title (SIE) and her Exterior Advanced Elite title (SEAE)!

2024 06 01 SplashTown - R3 - _01864_20240601.jpg

Rising Tide's River King SWN DS DDB TKI VHMA VHMP, ORT

December 17th, 2023: Reef got his DDB title, completing 2 PBs in Friz! He is now qualified for UpDif for Frizgility and 7Up!

January 20th, 2024: Reef went 2/3 at his first ever AKC Scent Work Trial. He Q'd in both novice interior & container with great times!

February 2rd, 2024: At his first attempt ever at NACSW, Reef achieved his ORT title passing Birch, Anise, & Clove!

March 9 & 10, 2024: Reef went 7/8 at his 2nd ever AKC Scent Work Trial, with 6 1sts and a 3rd, with most of his times under 7 seconds. He also achieved the following 2 titles:

  • Scent Work Container Novice (SCN)

  • Scent Work Interior Novice (SIN)

March 16th, 2024: Reef went 6/6 at his 3rd ever AKC Scent Work Trial, with 3 1sts, 2 2nds, and a 3rd, with blazing times. He also achieved his​ Scent Work Buried Novice title (SBN)

May 17th, 2024: At his first dock event of the year, at a mobile dock, Reef got his first dock diving title, Dock Senior (DS) with 4 splashes in senior!

June 8th & 9th, 2024: Reef completed his exterior novice title (SEN) overall scent work novice title (SWN) with a bang going 7/8 for the weekend, and getting HIT on June 8th, with placements in 6/7 of his Q's! 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and 2 3rds!


Rising Tide's Fear of the Dark DDG DDSE

November 2023: In November, at the FDDT Annual U2, Ditto got 1st in UpDog Time Warp, 2nd in UpDog 4 Way Play, and Ditto tied with his amazing sister Early for 2nd overall! He additionally got 1st in USDDN Division II Freestyle (debut) and 1st USDDN Pro Toss & Fetch 

January 2024: At his first few events of the year, Ditto achieved both his DDBE and DDS titles through UpDog! Ditto is also qualified for UPDIF 2024 in 6 games! 

April 10-14th, UPDIF 2024: Ditto did incredible despite the wind and rain conditions! They had an incredible round of Frizgility Level 2, with a 235, just 5 points shy of making top 10, getting 15th place overall for the game at the event. He also had an impressive round of Time Warp with a 77!

April 27 & 28th, 2024: Ditto gained another Q in Skyhoundz for Spot Landing, as well as his first major freestyle Q IN USDDN, with a 3rd in Super Open Freestyle!

May 25-27th, 2024: Ditto won 1st place overall for Skyhoundz for both days at the Texas State Championships, becoming the 2024 Texas State Champion! He also is now completely Q'd up for Skyhoundz Worlds!

  • 1st Skyhoundz DDAT Freestyle

  • 1st/Q Bullseye (PB)

  • 1st Pairs DA

  • 2nd/Q Skyhoundz Classic Freestyle

  • 3rd Time Trial

  • 3rd Spot Landing

Ditto was invited to compete in Freestyle and Frizgility at the AKC Disc Dog Challenge on June 1st and 2nd in North Carolina! This event is in conjunction with AKC TV and will be televised!


Rising Tide's The Mountains are Calling TKA

Jasper is currently working on his foundation skills in agility predominantly, but is also focusing on obedience training!

June 13th, 2024: Jasper got his first Q at the Regionals Sanctioned Steeplechase matches, and also won and got 1st place!


Rising Tide's Crown Jewel TKN, SSB

Sabrina is currently working on her foundation skills in agility with her wonderful owner Stephanie De Mello in Oregon.


Sabrina has been primarily training in agility and debuted in UKI agility (FEO) in August 2023. Since then, she has trialed in AKC, USDAA, and ISC. She has shown great skills and promise already with the training she has. She has done multiple seminars to advance their skills and is focusing on international agility. At 18 months old, she is completing international style courses. She has a lovely jumping style and is a natural when it comes to navigating and following handling. She’s learning all the skills to be able to handle international type courses. Goals for 2024 include going to the UKI Canadian Open, the UKI West Coast Open, and qualifying to go to the European Open Team Try Outs in December. 


Sabrina has started training in herding as well. She showed good instinct and was keen on the sheep. She was observed to respond well to pressure. She will continue to train with the goal being to eventually trial. 

April 13th & 14th, 2024: Sabrina got her first 3 Q's in UKI Agility with a 1st, a 2nd place, and a 3rd. She also got her first agility title SSB!


Rising Tide's Uncharted Waters NAJ OF DJ TKI VHMP

Moxie is working on her foundation skills in all of the things, and has debuted in a number of different venues (Agility, Happy Ratters, & Dock Diving)

September 23rd, 2023: On her debut weekend in AKC agility, Moxie got her first Q in Novice FAST!

October 8th, 2023: At her second AKC agility trial, Moxie got her novice FAST (NF) title!

April 20th, 2024: Moxie got her Open FAST title (OF) as well as another Novice JWW Q!

April 27th, 2024: Moxie got her Novice JWW title (NAJ) as well as her first excellent FAST Q!

May 18th, 2024: At her first dock event of the year, at a mobile dock, Moxie got her first dock diving title, Dock Junior (DJ)! She also won an invite to Regionals for the Junior Division!


Rising Tide's First Light TKN DDP DDGE

Early has had quite the disc career already at under 2 years of age! Here are her stats so far:

  • 2022 UpDog Challenge International Finals (UPDIF) - 2nd Place Pairs Throw N Go 

  • Disc Dog Bronze (DDB) title

  • Disc Dog Bronze Elite (DDBE) title 

  • Disc Dog Silver (DDS) title

  • Disc Dog Silver Elite (DDSE) title

  • Disc Dog Gold (DDG) title

  • Disc Dog Gold Elite (DDGE) title

  • Disc Dog Platinum (DDP) title

  • 2023 Skyhoundz World Qualifier

  • 2023 Texas State Championship - 2nd place UpDog Challenge, Frizgility

  • 2023 HFH Invitational - 2nd Place AWI Recreational Toss & Catch

  • 2023 HFH Invitational - 1st Place UpDog Challenge 4 Way Play

  • 2023 UpDog Challenge International Finals Qualifier (UPDIF) in 9 games

  • 2023 Texas Triple Crown Intermediate Division: 1st Place

  • 2024 Skyhoundz World Qualifier

  • 2024 USDDN World Qualifier Freestyle & Toss & Fetch

  • 2024 Texas State Championship - 3rd place overall Skyhoundz

Outside of disc, Early is actively training in agility and dock diving with her wonderful owner/handler Paige Hoelscher in Texas!


The National Parks Litter

The National Parks Litter

The National Parks Litter
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