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The National Parks Litter

Arya x Jagger
May 22nd, 2022

Meet Arya & Jagger
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About the Parents

I am so beyond ecstatic to finally make this announcement. Arya has become everything I wanted her to be and more. She has an incredibly sound temperament, a fantastic off switch, and a great work ethic. She is the kind of dog you can find snoozing on the couch all day but if you ask her to work, she'll be right at your side ready to go at a moment's notice. She has never met a stranger, loves children and other dogs, and adores traveling/hiking and exploring new places. She competes and excels in a variety of sports, such as agility, dock, disc, scent work, rally, and trick dog. She is a carrier for EAOD and is health panel clear otherwise. For OFA she received a "Good" for her hips & "Normal" for shoulders & elbows.

Upon stud searching, I wanted to find a dog that would complement her, as well as add where necessary. A dog with a great off switch, wonderful conformation, environmental stability, health panels, and more. 

When I say Jagger is everything I wanted in a stud, he is everything I wanted in a stud and more. Jagger is a proven stud, having had 5 incredibly talented litters, is completely bombproof, never met a stranger (looooves children!), and is fantastic in every sport his fantastic mama Ana has trained him in. He has a love for herding, flyball (3.85), disc, dock, obedience (working on his utility title), and does a little agility on the side (5x Canadian World Team Member). As Ana says, he has no problem being an absolute idiot at flyball, being super think-y when herding, and using his brain in obedience. Jagger is health panel clear, with OFA results of "Good" for hips & "Normal" for elbows.

We expect these puppies to be lovely members of the family, have fantastic off switches, and thrive in any sport thrown their way. I can’t even describe how excited I am to raise these pups and see what this wicked combination will throw! Both of their lines consist of a ton of well-rounded and stable dogs, with sport dogs and service dogs in that mix. We will be taking a small list. These pups will be considered only to sport/performance homes. Health Testing information is available above
 on each dog's bios by clicking on their names or their photos.

Meet The National Parks Litter!
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Rising Tide's Endless Summit SWN TKA VHMA VHMP

July 8th/9th, 2023: Rainier got her first 3 scent work titles at the Long Island Golden Retriever Club of Long Island! For her 8 runs this weekend she Q'd in 7/8 of her runs and placed 1st in 4 of her runs (many of these were 1st overall novice a & b) and 4th in 2 of her runs!

  • Scent Work Container Novice (SCN)

  • Scent Work Exterior Novice (SEN)

  • Scent Work Buried Novice (SBN)

July 30th, 2023: Rainier went 4/4 with placements for all of her runs at the DACLI trial! In addition she finished up her novice titles by completing her interior novice title! Moving forward this fall, we will be working on her elite novice titles.

  • Scent Work Interior Novice (SIN)

  • Scent Work Novice (SWN)

August 19th, 2023: Rainier played 7Up for the 2nd time ever and got 2 scores within the 90th-95th percentile of scores of all time! Rainier also got qualified for UpDif!

Card 3C- 1PM- 2PM- DSC_3784.JPG

Rising Tide's River King TKN VHMP

July 24th, 2023: Reef started his intro to flyball training and was a natural! Over the summer and fall, Reef will be working on foundation skills for flyball and is getting prepped for more disc events. He already has a few bronze ups in UpDog and is almost qualified for UpDif 2024! 


Rising Tide's Fear of the Dark

July 22nd/23rd, 2023: Ditto competed in the Houston World Series of Dog Shows at the NRG Center and debuted some of his new freestyle skills! He did phenomenal with the environment and was a crowd favorite.

September 10th, 2023: Ditto got his first Q for Skyhoundz Worlds in Time Trial!


Ditto is currently working on his foundation skills in disc, dock diving, and agility! Looking forward to seeing everything he accomplishes in the months to come!


Rising Tide's The Mountains are Calling TKA

Jasper is currently working on his foundation skills in agility predominantly, but is also focusing on obedience training!


Rising Tide's Crown Jewel TKN

Sabrina is currently working on her foundation skills in agility with her wonderful owner Stephanie De Mello in Oregon. She is debuting in UKI Agility next month. We're so excited to see how she does!


Rising Tide's Uncharted Waters TKI VHMP

Moxie is working on her foundation skills in all of the things!


Rising Tide's First Light TKN DDBE

Early has had quite the disc career already at only a little over a year of age! Here are her stats so far:

  • 2022 UpDog Challenge International Finals (UPDIF) - 2nd Place Pairs Throw N Go 

  • Disc Dog Bronze Elite (DDBE) title 

  • 2023 Skyhoundz World Qualifier

  • 2023 UpDog Challenge International Finals Qualifier (UPDIF)

  • 2023 Texas State Championship - 2nd place UpDog Challenge, Frizgility

  • 2023 HFH Invitational - 2nd Place AWI Recreational Toss & Catch

  • 2023 HFH Invitational - 1st Place UpDog Challenge 4 Way Play

  • 2023 UpDog Challenge International Finals Qualifier (UPDIF)

  • 2024 Skyhoundz World Qualifier

  • 2024 Texas Triple Crown Intermediate Division: 1st Place 

More recently, Early performed alongside her brother Ditto in the Houston World Series of Dog Shows at the NRG Center and showed off her incredible freestyle skills she has so far! As always, she did incredible in the environment, and the crowd loved her!

Outside of disc, Early is actively training in agility and dock diving with her wonderful owner/handler Paige Hoelscher in Texas!

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