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How does virtual training work?

Our Virtual Training sessions are designed to help anyone in the world with their dogs - all you need is access to a video chat service! We work over platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime or Skype to work on the skills you’re looking for your dog to gain.

obedience & Beyond the basics


We can work on virtually anything online!

Pre-Puppy Consults

Puppy problems:

  • Nipping, potty training, foundation skills, socialization, handling and husbandry​


  • Foundation skills: sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, place, leash walking success

Outdoor Skills

  • Leash Walking

Impulse Control Based Training

  • It's Yer Choice

  • Engagement Building

  • Relationship Centered Training


  • Trick Training

  • Confidence Building

& More

Behavior modification

  • Reactivity

    • Door reactivity

    • People Reactivity

    • Dog reactivity

    • Car reactivity

  • Fearful Behavior

    • Dog/dog fear

    • People fear

    • Noise/object phobias

  • Anxiety

    • Separation Anxiety​

    • Situational anxiety

  • Resource Guarding

  • Attention Seeking Behaviors

  • Help! I’m on my third couch!

    • Destructive behaviors

  • Confidence Building


Puppies, Obedience & Beyond the Basics

90-minute Consult (All clients start here): $185+tax

Hourly Follow Up Sessions: $150+tax

5 Class Package: $700+tax, includes the consult (1) and 4 1-hour classes

10 Class Package: $1400+tax, includes the consult (1) and 9 1-hour classes

Behavior Modification

2 hour Consult (All clients start here): $350+tax

Hourly Follow Up Sessions: $185+tax

5 Class Package: $850+tax, includes the consult (1) and 4 1-hour classes

10 Class Package: $1600+tax, includes the consult (1) and 9 1-hour classes




"“Michelle is amazing! Skylo is now 1 year old and 2 months and we trained with Michelle for separation anxiety issues for a couple of months. Before the training, he threw up and barked like crazy if I ever left the house. After training using confidence building methods like place and pen training, Skylo is now better than ever at being left in the house alone for periods of time. It was also very useful to have house visits for the first half and then Skype video sessions in order to progress with the next half of the training. It’s amazing and i have Michelle to thank for it!” – Chae with Skylo"



"So you're thinking of taking an online trick training class but you're unsure how it's going to work being online? Don't be worried, this is the best training class experience I've ever had! Because it's online, you almost get the one-on-one experience - if you're ever stuck on something, just reach out to Michelle. She will evaluate how your progress is currently going, give suggestions, and walk you through it patiently. Because Finn is so experienced with trick training, we would have been overlooked in a class setting for the trainer to focus more on the less experienced pups, or the pups who are having a much harder time (speaking from experience - and that experience was a class of three dogs and we were still overlooked). This way Michelle is able to have dogs of all levels of exposure to trick training, all kinds of backgrounds in training styles, and still is able to give attention to each student. However, if you're getting stuck, don't be that person who disappears. Because it's online, it's up to you to reach out for support! Michelle is an amazing teacher and deals with my impatience and frustration perfectly, and walks me through to a solution that works for both Finn and myself. If you're looking for something to do with your dog during quarantine, I can't recommend this class enough. And you learn skills that are applicable to real life as well as some pretty cool party tricks!"



"Before I started working with Michelle with my Aussie GSD mix, I was hopelessly frustrated with my dogs inability to walk respectfully on a leash. I thought I was doing everything right: that my communication was clear, and my dog just wasn't listening. Through the virtual sessions with Michelle, I learned SO much about how my dog was feeling and what I needed to do to get the results I wanted. She's clear in her direction, and kind in her delivery. Michelle trained me :) I'm forever thankful for the knowledge she brought to my relationship with my high drive dog. She's absolutely brilliant, and knows more than anyone I know about dogs, especially their subtle communication. I cannot recommend her enough."

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