Puppy Training

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Email Mike at Michael@pawsitivelywagginacademy.com to book your sessions.


Our Puppy Training sessions are designed to help you with man’s best friend in the comfort of your own home – which is often where the problems begin. These classes can be done in your home, your neighborhood, or a neighborhood park to work your pup for a variety of issues.


Length: 1 Hour unless otherwise stated


Cost for Private 1-1 Sessions:

90-minute Consult (All clients start here): $185+tax

Hourly Follow Up Sessions: $150+tax

5 Class Package: $700+tax, includes the consult (1) and 4 1-hour classes

10 Class Package: $1400+tax, includes the consult (1) and 9 1-hour classes

12 Class Package / Day Training: $1700 + tax, 12, 1 hour sessions.

  • Puppy problems: nipping, potty training, foundation skills, socialization, handling and husbandry

  • Pre Puppy/ Pre-adoption education: How to set up your home for success

  • Foundation skills: sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, place, leash walking success

  • Leash Skills

  • Crate Training

  • Impulse Control

  • Confidence Building

  • Enrichment

“Pawsitively Waggin Academy was a wonderful experience for my family and our 16 week old Corgi. Michelle our trainer was amazing. Calvin our Corgi instantly fell in love with her. She spent time bonding with him on the first day, and from then on he was beyond excited to see her. Everything she recommended we do with him to train him worked. She is caring , compassionate and considerate. I can’t imagine any dog or owner that would not like love working with her. We were very lucky to get a good dog in Calvin, and even luckier to have met and worked with Michelle. I would highly recommend her for any training needs. She is the best. Having a new puppy is a wonderful experience, but they are a lot of work, and Michelle taught us how to make the best of that hard work. And because of her it truly paying off.” – John with Calvin