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What is "dog sport training and foundations?"

Our Dog Sport Training & Foundation classes are designed for the dog who thrives with new activities and an active brain. Finished our obedience sessions and looking to do more? Discover the joys of new and exciting training from parlor tricks to dog sports and strengthen your relationship with your dog in the process.


These classes can be done in person (Long Island - Nassau, or Queens) or virtually!


What do we offer?

  • Confidence building

  • Trick Training 

    • Introduction to shaping, problem solving, and mental enrichment 

    • AKC Trick Dog Titles

  • AKC CGC Preparation

    • All Levels​

  • How to get the most out of your home: games for small spaces 

  • Dog Sport foundations

    • Agility

    • Rally

    • Disc (& Beginner Freestyle)

    • Competition Obedience

    • Scent Work

      • Prep for AKC trials or for enrichment​

    • Dock Diving Dry-land Games

    • Retrieve Games

Arya- dsc_0380.jpg




Michelle competes in a multitude of sports with her border collie Arya. For a list of titles visit Arya's Page

Expedition Reverie’s Rebel of the North NA SWA SCE SBE SCAE SIAE RN DSX DM AS AJ HDM DDS TKE VHMA, ORT

Michelle and Arya compete in scent work, agility, disc, dock diving, rally, and have completed all of the trick dog titles offered by both AKC and DMWYD. Arya was the first border collie to receive her Grand Champion Trick Dog Title through DMWYD.


They placed 3rd in their very first disc competition when Arya was a year of age at an Up Dog Challenge trial. Since then, they've placed consistently at disc events throughout the northeast region. After only a few disc events, they was invited to UpDog's National Disc Championship event, UpDif. During their first full season of dock diving through NADD, Arya got a PB (personal best) of 19'2". They received an invite to NADD Regionals/Nationals in 2020 for a high score in the junior division of AR, and for accomplishing an dock senior advanced title. At the 2020 North East NADD Regional Arya placed 3rd in the junior division for AR.

In 2021, they debuted in Scent Work gaining her Scent Work Novice overall title in 4 trials, with placements and Q's across the board. In 2022, at their first trialing weekend of the advanced divisions of containers & interiors, they achieved their SCA & SIA titles with placements. They also debuted in AKC agility fall of 2021, having earned solely 1st place placements for their Q's thus far!

Dog Sport

Dog Sport

Dog Sport
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Arya Agility October 31st, 2021 Novice JWW Q & 1st

Arya Agility October 31st, 2021 Novice JWW Q & 1st

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Arya’s 1st Herding Lesson | December 11th, 2020

Arya’s 1st Herding Lesson | December 11th, 2020

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Rainier 7Up | 8.19.2023 | 64 points

Rainier 7Up | 8.19.2023 | 64 points

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