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Let's Get Sniffy: Level 2

Let's Get Sniffy: Level 2 is a intermediate level scent work class, created for dog owners who are interested in improving their scent work skills! At the end of this class your dog will gain more confidence in interior searches & container searches, and will have confidence in buried searches and exterior searches.


Working Spot

You have a personalized thread to upload videos to on our group. You work through the material from the class and upload hw assignments. I then comment on your assignments with critiques, how to fix & change things so you can progress as a team with your dog! 1-1 training within a "group setting". Since the lectures are posted once a week, it gives you a full week to upload videos when you can (and you can continue posting as many videos as you'd want, it's not just one a week)


Audit Spot

You get all of the material and get to watch classmates videos and learn from them and my critiques, but I do not give you personalized feedback.


Class Format

Classes will be uploaded once a week for 6 weeks in lecture style with a powerpoint with videos and instructions/education embedded

Ready to Sign Up?

Fill out the form below, join the Facebook group for the class, and we'll send you an invoice shortly!

Contact us:

Class starts: April 24th, 2024

Working Spot: $250+tax

Audit Spot: $125+tax

Emma with Timber

"I was an auditing student in PWA’s last virtual scent work class and it was such a great experience!! We started with no experience with oils or searches beyond a basic treat scavenger hunt, but now I’m considering starting novice scent trials next year with my pup! I’ve learned so much, the material is so well explained and put together. Plus my dog has absolutely loved it! In person weekly classes are hard for me to work into my schedule so the virtual class was perfect for me, I would absolutely recommend PWA to anybody looking into starting scent work!"

Rachael with Willow

"We had the pleasure of taking PWA’s virtual scent course and it was SUCH an amazing class! Chock full of knowledge, material, and excellent videos to help you through the process of getting started with and progressing with scent work. I was blown away at everything that was included- and the interactive student group was such a fun way to learn from everyone else and get feedback on our progress. I can’t say enough good things about Michelle and her training offerings. Will definitely be participating in any future courses she offers!"

Stephanie with Oliver

"I’m currently taking a scent work class with my dog, Oliver, and we’ve been having such a great time! Michelle has a fb group in which she posts the weekly material and the videos are clear and thorough. We have a working spot and can ask unlimited questions on both the general material and any specific questions related to our homework or challenges we may be having. She responds in a timely manner and gives both positive feedback and ideas on improvement or working through challenges. Oliver is dog reactive so we may never compete as I rather not put him through the stress, but I’ve seen him become so happy to work for scent and train. It’s improved our relationship even more and I love that we have something else to do together. Thanks Michelle!"
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