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behavior modification

  • Reactivity

    • Door reactivity

    • People Reactivity

    • Dog reactivity

    • Car reactivity

  • Fearful Behavior

    • Dog/dog fear

    • People fear

    • Noise/object phobias

  • Anxiety

    • Separation Anxiety​

    • Situational anxiety

  • Resource Guarding

  • Attention Seeking Behaviors

  • Help! I’m on my third couch!

    • Destructive behaviors

  • Confidence Building

virtual training

We can work on everything from the "Behavior Modification" Section virtually!

  • Reactivity

  • Fearful Behavior

  • Anxiety

  • Resource Guarding

  • Attention Seeking Behavior

  • Destructive Behavior

More information on Virtual Classes here!


  • 2 hour Consult (All clients start here): $350+tax

  • Hourly Follow Up Sessions: $185+tax

  • 5 Class Package: $850+tax, includes the consult (1) and 4 1-hour classes

  • 10 Class Package: $1600+tax, includes the consult (1) and 9 1-hour classes

  • 12 Class Day Training Package: $1800+tax, includes 12 1-hour classes




"Michelle has been helping us train our Samoyed, Winston, for a couple months on reactivity, aggressive behaviors, and leash walking. Before she came along, Winston was excessively pulling on the leash, barking at everything that moved, and unwilling to listen to any commands. After just a few classes, Winston can better control his behaviors and barks, as well as respond to commands! We just want an obedient dog, and that's exactly what Michelle has and is continuing to teach us and Winston how to get there. Michelle genuinely loves working with animals, and it reflects in our classes. We would sometimes go over our scheduled hour-long sessions, but she wouldn't mind because she wants to make sure we have all of our questions/concerns answered. I recommend Michelle to anyone in a heartbeat. Not only did I find a fantastic dog trainer, but I also gained a wonderful friend."



"Michelle has helped me train my 2 year old mini golden doodle to listen. Biscuit has a lot of anxiety and I lack patience resulting in a difficult training combination. In just six sessions biscuits behavior has improved substantially."



"My fiancé and I worked with Michelle, who helped us so much with our mini Australian Shepard. Our pup was struggling with resource guarding and being reactive towards other dogs (barking). Michelle helped us teach our pup that it is okay for us  to touch objects that he finds, etc. She also helped us work with him on not reacting to other dogs. He now whines when we pass other dogs, which is huge progress for him.
Our pup has become such a good listener and we have really seen the progression in each training lesson. We are fortunate to have Michelle as a trainer. We would recommend her and the business she has started to our friends and family. Thank you Michelle!"

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