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Choice & Control: Cooperative Care for Dogs

This is a 6 week multi-faceted group class focused on cooperative care for dogs. This class is perfect for those of you with dogs that hide when the nail trimmers come out, are fearful of handling, vet visits, grooming visits, and more. This class functions as a group class, with the feedback and support of a private training client. Although this is a 6 week class, it expands ~4 months of instruction.



6 Educational Video-based Classes uploaded to a private facebook group focused on: cooperative care for handling, start button behaviors, nail trims, putting gear on, calm place behavior for handlinghealth checks (ears, eyes, teeth), vet preparation, and more.

  • All Tiers have 4 months from the date of joining the facebook group to submit Videos for feedback.

  • All tiers have lifetime access to view their classes.

  • Tiers with Slack have 4 months of access (from the  date of joining the fb group) to the slack channel.

  • Tiers with a Private Training session have 4 months to schedule their class (must be scheduled within the 4 months you are in the class).


3 Tiers

Tier 1: Virtual Group Class + Working Spot + Private Session + Access to Slack: $500+tax

  • This is our top level tier and gives you the full experience of our classes. Unlike the other tiers, this tier offers 1 virtual private class (1 hour). This tier also offers you a working spot, and access to the slack channel.

Tier 2: Virtual Group Class + Working Spot + Access to Slack: $350+tax

  • This is our middle level tier and offers you a working spot and access to the slack channel! The only difference between this tier and the tier above is access to a private session.

Tier 3: Virtual Group Class + Working Spot: $250+tax

  • Similar to what we offer for Let's Get Sniffy, this tier gives you access to the group class for 4 months to submit videos for feedback. You do not have access to slack OR a private session in this tier.


Trainer in your Pocket

Tier 1 and 2 give you access to a private Slack channel where you have access to your team of certified trainers & behavior consultants daily for questions, training advice, and feedback. This also functions as a support system between yourself and the other puppy owners!

Ready to Sign Up?

Fill out the form below, join the Facebook group for the class, and we'll send you an invoice shortly!

Class is open enrollment!

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