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Service Dog Training


Are you in need of a Service Dog due to disability? Do you currently have a service dog in training and need help with task work? We’re here to help! These classes can be done in your home, your neighborhood, or a neighborhood park to work your dog up to taking a PAT.


Length: 1 Hour unless otherwise stated


Cost for Private 1-1 Sessions:

90-minute Consult (All clients start here): $185+tax

Hourly Follow Up Sessions: $150+tax

5 Class Package: $700+tax, includes the consult (1) and 4 1-hour classes

10 Class Package: $1400+tax, includes the consult (1) and 9 1-hour classes

12 Class Package / Day Training: $1700 + tax, 12, 1 hour sessions.

  • Locate objects on command

  • Alert to specific sounds at home or away from home

  • Retrieve based tasks

  • Carrying Based tasks

  • Mobility Assistance

  • DPT

  • Prepare for Public Access Test

  • Find _____

    • And more, need a specific task? Contact us for information.

If I could give more stars, I would! Let me start off by saying almost 2 years ago I was so nervous when looking for a trainer for my baby girl. She is my absolute everything and I only wanted the best for her. Finding Michelle was the best thing to happen to Violet and I. Michelle has taught us both so much, and she is always there, any time of the day, if you have any questions or concerns about your pup or even just to talk. We are currently working on Violet training to be a service dog (migraine alert dog). All I can say is I have seen Violet grow so much as a dog and I have never had that experience in the past with my dogs. Michelle is WONDERFUL!!! I cannot stress this enough. I would travel as far as I could to have her work with my Violet. I have reccommended her to many people even to just ask for advice or a question, and I will continue to reccommend her to any dog owner in need or any pet owner at all. Michelle is so knowledgeable about animals that I have come to her with questions not only about my pup but also my guinea pigs and fish!

Point Blank

Tina and Violet

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