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Ultra High Voltage Sonic Workaholic

Call Name: Zavi

Owned and Loved by Kaja Sajek in Poland
DOB: 7/1/2016

Breed: Border Collie

Color: Red Merle (carries tri)
Coat: medium rough

Height: 20.75"
Weight: 37#

CEA/CH: Carrier
TNS: Carrier
CL: Normal
IGS: Normal
DM: Normal
MDR1: Normal
SN: Normal
PLL: Normal
BCG: Normal
EAOD: Normal

MyDogDNA Panel

ED: 0/0
OCD Free
Eyes clear
Heart clear

Rising Tide Litter

Arya x Zavi 2025




Zavi is a gorgeous red merle border collie from Poland who competes in A3 agility and dabbles in dock diving, disc, and herding with his owner Kaja Sajek. His pedigree is a mix of working and agility, and almost all of his siblings and half siblings compete in agility, with many of them also competing in frisbee and obedience. His dad's side includes very strong herding (Eire Greme) and agility dogs, and mom's side agility, frisbee, and herding.


Temperamentally, he's everything we look for in a stud: He has never met a stranger, friendly with both people and dogs. He is bomb proof and not sound sensitive (video), easy to travel with, and easy to live with thanks to his incredible off switch. He doesn't have quirks or fixations. He's incredibly cuddly, and will cuddle up to both his dog and cat companions at home, as well as his human companions. As his owner Kaja puts it, he will sleep under the bedsheets at night to cuddle even closer to his humans.

He excels in everything he tries, effortlessly. He's an incredible agility dog, running beautifully in agility A3 (Video) and at large events. Without practice, as dock diving isn't a large sport (as it is here in the states) in Poland, Zavi soared 23' (Video) and placed 4th out of 64 dogs, and was the top dog from Poland. With practice he could easily gain a lot more distance! He has natural hops for frisbee, and is a great tracker (Video). He passed his herding exam (NHAT) with an excellent marked on his report. His instructors have remarked that he would have made for a great working farm dog. His work ethic shines through in his different sports, and he has no issues with repetition, pressure, or any environment he is working in.


You can learn more about Zavi, including health testing, pictures, videos, and past litters (8 litters) here, on his stud page. Zavi's offspring compete in agility (A1, A2 & A3), obedience (OB1, OB2, OB3), flyball, disc, herding, search & rescue as well as man trailing. Out of his 43 puppies, 25 have been fully health tested and are clear, you can find their health testing here. In terms of agility, when looking for a stud, I always look for studs with great jumping form, and studs that have produced kids that have been an improvement on jumping form or stayed the same, and his kids have continued to have great jumping form, or have made even more improvement on jumping form! Many of them have podiumed at large events such as the Border Collie Classic, and made world agility teams. You can watch more videos of Zavi below and here

Dock Diving

PB 23'

Won Best Dog from Poland at a competition (Video from a competition


Polish Championship Long Distance 4th Place (Video)

Natural Tracking/Hops for the Frisbee (Video)


NHAT - Rated Excellent, 2018


Competes in A3 Agility



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Zavi training 23.05.19

Zavi training 23.05.19

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Zavi competition Lubostroń J-Open 17.10.21

Zavi competition Lubostroń J-Open 17.10.21

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Zavi frisbee competition place 9/110, 20.09.20 Poznań

Zavi frisbee competition place 9/110, 20.09.20 Poznań

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Zavi training 21.10.19

Zavi training 21.10.19

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