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Meet Arya & Zavi
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Arya x Zavi 2025

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About the Parents

After our incredible National Parks Litter, I am so thrilled to announce our second litter. Arya has continued to be an absolute dream. She has an incredibly sound temperament, a fantastic off switch, and a great work ethic. She is the kind of dog you can find snoozing on the couch all day, asking for cuddles, but if you ask her to work, she'll be right at your side, ready to go at a moment's notice. She has never met a stranger, loves children and other dogs, and adores traveling/hiking and exploring new places. She competes and excels in a variety of sports, such as scent work, dock, disc, agility, rally, and trick dog. Arya's offspring from her first litter are excelling in agility, freestyle, disc, scent work, flyball, and herding. She is a carrier for EAOD and is health panel clear otherwise. She is OFA Good on Hips & Normal for Shoulders & Elbows.

For her second and final litter we have chosen Zavi, owned by Kaja Sajek in Poland, as our stud for Arya. Zavi is not only gorgeous, but is bomb proof, an incredible sport dog, and has a great temperament. He's an optimistic, easy to train dog, and has no issues with repetition, the environment, or pressure.  He's very easy to live with, and has a great off switch, just like Arya. He has never had any noise sensitivities or environmental sensitivities, which has stayed consistent since he was a puppy. He loves people and dogs, and is very friendly. Similar to Arya, Zavi is the super cuddly type, so we're expecting cuddly puppies, just like our first litter! Zavi is a proven stud, having had 8 incredibly talented litters with offspring competing in agility (A1, A2 & A3), obedience (OB1, OB2, OB3), flyball, disc, herding, search & rescue as well as man trailing. Out of his 43 puppies, 25 have been fully health tested and are clear: you can view their health testing here. Zavi is a carrier for CEA and TNS and panel clear otherwise. He was tested A/A for hips, 0/0 for elbows, OCD free, heart clear, and eyes clear.

We expect these puppies to be lovely members of the family, have fantastic off switches, and thrive in any sport thrown their way. I can’t even describe how excited I am to raise these pups and see what this incredible combination will throw! Both of their lines consist of a ton of well-rounded and stable dogs, with sport dogs, working dogs, and service dogs in that mix. We expect black & white tri, black & white, blue merle, and blue merle tri as potential colors for this cross. We are taking a list. These pups will be considered only to sport/performance homes. Health Testing information is available above on each dog's bios by clicking on their names or their photos. If you are looking for further information on Zavi, click his stud link here which his owner keeps updated!

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