Expedition Reverie's Rebel of the North DSA DJ AJ HDM DDB TKE

Call Name: Arya
DOB: 6/14/2018

Breed: Border Collie

Color: black tricolor
Coat: medium rough

Height: 18"
Weight: 30#

CEA/CH: Normal
TNS: Normal
CL: Normal
IGS: Normal
DM: Normal
MDR1: Normal
SN: Normal
PLL: Normal
BCG: Normal
EAOD: Carrier

OFA Hips: pending
OFA Elbows: pending
OFA Shoulders: pending

BAER: Normal
CAER: pending


Arya, also known as pickles, shmoo, puparya, and mamabear, is an all around fantastic sport dog and family pet. She has an incredibly sound temperament, a fantastic off switch, and a great work ethic. She is the kind of dog you can find snoozing on the couch all day but if you ask her to work, she'll be right at your side ready to go in a moment's notice. She is filled with love (and kisses) and gives her everything in anything we do together. Arya's quite a funny girl, and those who know her understand that she tries to always keep the mood light. She is an A+ comedian with her human impersonations.

Arya is one of those dogs that excels in everything she tries. She also absolutely adores disc, dock diving, agility, and rally-o/obedience work. She placed 3rd in her very first disc competition at a year of age, getting 48 points in Time Warp at an Up Dog Challenge trial. Since then, she's placed consistently at disc events throughout the northeast region. After only a few events, she was invited to UpDif 2020. During her first full season of dock diving through NADD, her PB thus far is 18'9" and growing. She got an invite to NADD Nationals this year (2020) for a high score in the junior division of AR. We have another qualifier to attend this year, and will update with anymore invites.


Trick Dog

Nov Trick Dog TKN - Oct 2018

Int Trick Dog TKI - Nov 2018

Adv Trick Dog TKA- April 2019

Performer/Expert Trick Dog TKP - Nov 2019

Champion Trick Dog TKE - March 2020


Disc Dog Bronze DDB - Jan 2020

Up Dog Video Games 2nd Place Open Division Spring 2020

UpDif 2020 Invite

Dock Diving

Dock Junior DJ - August 2019

Dock Senior DS - August 2019

NADD Nationals 2020 Invite for AR & DJ

Air Retrieve Junior AJ - Sept 2020

Dock Senior Advanced DSA - Sept 2020

Hydro Dash Master HDM - Sept 2020

Coming Soon

Rally Novice & Rally Intermediate

Stunt Dog (all titles)

Fitness Dog (all titles)



Growing Up Arya



Dock diving

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