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TDGCH • Expedition Reverie's Rebel of the North NA SWA SCAE SIAE SCE SBE RN DSX DM AS AJ HDM DDS TKE VHMA

Call Name: Arya
DOB: 6/14/2018

Breed: Border Collie

Color: Black & White Tri (Carries Dark Mask)
Coat: medium rough (Carries Curly Coat)

Sex: Female

Height: 18"
Weight: 33#

CEA/CH: Normal
TNS: Normal
CL: Normal
IGS: Normal
DM: Normal
MDR1: Normal
SN: Normal
PLL: Normal
BCG: Normal
EAOD: Carrier

Embark | Optimal Selection

OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Shoulders: Normal

BAER: Normal

Past Litters

Arya x Jagger (2022)




Arya, also known as pickles, shmoo, puparya, and mamabear, is an all around fantastic sport dog and family pet. She has an incredibly sound temperament, a fantastic off switch, and a great work ethic. She is the kind of dog you can find snoozing on the couch all day but if you ask her to work, she'll be right at your side ready to go in a moment's notice. She is filled with love (and kisses) and gives her everything in anything we do together. Arya's quite a funny girl, and those who know her understand that she tries to always keep the mood light. She is an A+ comedian with her human impersonations.

Arya is one of those dogs that excels in everything she tries. She also absolutely adores herding, disc, dock diving, agility, and rally-o/obedience work. She placed 3rd in her very first disc competition at a year of age in Time Warp at an Up Dog Challenge trial. Since then, she's placed consistently at disc events throughout the northeast region. After only a few events, she was invited to UpDif 2020. During her first full season of dock diving through NADD, her PB was 20'3". She recieved an invite to NADD Regionals/Nationals in 2020 for a high score in the junior division of AR, and for accomplishing an dock senior advanced title. At the 2020 North East NADD Regional Arya placed 3rd in the junior division for AR.

In 2021, Arya debuted in Scent Work gaining her Scent Work Novice overall title in 4 trials, with placements and Q's across the board. In 2022, at her first trialing weekend of the advanced divisions of containers & interiors, Arya achieved her SCA & SIA titles with placements. Arya also debuted in AKC agility fall of 2021, having earned solely 1st place placements for her Q's thus far as well as her NA title!

2022 was dedicated to Arya's first litter, The National Parks Litter, which you can learn more about by clicking that link! She was an absolutely phenomenal mother for the entirety of the 9 weeks they were here with us. She took care of them beautifully and taught them all wonderful social skills.

2023 was a return back to dog sports, with our focus being scent work and dock diving for the year! In scent work, Arya completed her scent work advanced overall title SWA with her SBA and SEA titles, as well as her SCAE and SIAE titles! She additionally got her first two titles in the excellent level, with her SCE and SBE titles. Next year we will be debuting in both NACSW as well as CPE CSS!

2023 was Arya's best year yet for dock diving, and it was only her second true season competing (took off in 2021 and 2022). In addition to a PB distance jump of 20'9", She received numerous titles this season, including her DSX, DM, and AS titles. At the NorthEast NADD Regionals she was the Reserve Champion in both the Senior DJ Division (with a jump of 20'3") and the Junior AR Division (with a grab of 14'). At the NADD Nationals in Springfield, MO, Arya was a Finalist (top 15) for the AR Junior Division! For her achievements, we have invites to next years NADD Regionals in both distance and air retrieve.

Next year, I hope to continue to focus on scent work as our main sport, as well as continue to compete in dock diving and disc. I also am excited to re-debut back in agility with her!


Dock Diving


Dock Junior DJ: August 2019

Dock Senior DS: August 2019


NADD Nationals 2020 Invite for AR & DJ

NADD Regionals 2020 Invite for AR & DJ

Air Retrieve Junior AJ: Sept 2020

Dock Senior Advanced DSA: Sept 2020

Hydro Dash Master HDM: Sept 2020

North East NADD Regionals:

3rd Place AR Junior Division

(Nationals: 13th place)


NADD Regionals 2021 Invite for AR

NADD National Showcase 2021 Invite for AR


Personal Best 20'3" - Sept 2022 (Only event of the year/season due to the Arya x Jagger litter)


Dock Senior Excellent DSX: July 2023

Personal Best 20'6" - July 2023

Dock Master DM: Sept 2023

Air Retrieve Senior AS: Sept 2023

NADD Regionals 2023 Invite for AR & DJ

Personal Best 20'9" - Sept 2023

North East NADD Regionals:

Reserve Champion 2nd Place Distance Senior Division (20'3")

Reserve Champion 2nd Place AR Junior Division (14')

NADD Nationals:

Finalist Top 15 AR Junior Division (13')



VHMA - April 2022

Scent Work

SIN: July 2021

SCN: July 2021

SEN: July 2021

SBN: October 2021

Scent Work Novice SWN: October 2021

SIA: October 2022

SIAE: November 2023

SCA: October 2022

SCAE: July 2023

SEA: November 2023

SBA: May 2023

Scent Work Advanced SWA: November 2023

SIE: 1/3

SCE: April 2023

SEE: /3

SBE: November 2023

SBEE: 6/10

Scent Work Excellent SWE: /4



Rally Novice RN: Nov 2020



2020 UpDog Challenge International Finals Qualifier (UPDIF)

Disc Dog Bronze DDB: Jan 2020

Up Dog Video Games: Open Division Spring 2020

Grenade 2nd Place

MinFriz 3rd Place

Disc Dog Dough 3rd Place

2nd Place Overall Open Division


Disc Dog Bronze DDBE: Sept 2021


2022 UpDog Challenge International Finals Qualifier (UPDIF)

Disc Dog Silver DDS: Sept 2022


Fall 2020, Began Training

Trick Dog


TKN: Oct 2018

TKI: Nov 2018


TKA: April 2019

 TKP: Nov 2019


TKE: March 2020


DMWYD Grand Champion Trick Dog TDGCH: Jan 2021




Novice Agility NA: Nov 2021

Novice Agility Jumper NAJ: 2/3

Open Agility OA: /3



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Arya Agility October 31st, 2021 Novice JWW Q & 1st

Arya Agility October 31st, 2021 Novice JWW Q & 1st

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Arya Container Search | January 26th, 2022

Arya Container Search | January 26th, 2022

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Arya DMWYD Champion Title

Arya DMWYD Champion Title

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