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Rising Tide's Endless Summit SWNE SWA SEE DDB TKE VHMA VHMP, ORT

Call Name: Rainier

DOB: 5/22/2022

Parents: Arya x Jagger

Breed: Border Collie

Color: Black & White Tri (Carries Red and Dark Mask | Has the Red Intensity Gene)
Coat: medium rough

Sex: Female

Height: 17"
Weight: 27#

CEA/CH: clear
TNS: clear
CL: clear
IGS: clear
DM: clear
MDR1: clear
SN: clear
PLL: clear
BCG: clear
EAOD: carrier

Optimal Selection

OFA Hips: Summer 2024

OFA Shoulders: Summer 2024
OFA Elbows: Summer 2024





I could not be more excited to announce my keeper from our Arya x Jagger litter.

Introducing, Rising Tide’s Endless Summit “Rainier”.

This little girl spoke to me since she was 3 weeks old. Arya’s my absolute heart dog and I didn’t think it was possible to have a connection with another dog this young, but little baby Rai Rai made sure to give me everything I was looking for in my next dog. Rainier has great food and toy drive, lives to tug, and absolutely loves frisbees. She is a great mix of a thinker & a doer. She is sassy, opinionated, hysterical, a cuddle bug, and very serious about her work. She's an easy traveller and a great hiker, and has been on 7 road trips with us so far, 2 of those road trips being cross country!

By 6 months of age, she achieved her TKN, TKI, and TKA as well as her VHMP & VHMA titles! At 18 months, Rainier finished her TKP & TKE titles.

On the disc field, Rainier is an absolute beast and loves her agility/disc UpDog games. Her second time playing 7Up (video in the video section below) she achieved a score of 64 (within the 94th percentile for the game for all scores of all time with UpDog), with 15 seconds left on the clock, and going around me for every disc (therefore, wasting time, we definitely could have had way more time on the clock, despite going for 3 jumps for each of the 5 catch zones!). We don't practice disc often, but will be picking a select few games to be competitive at to practice! In December of 2023, Rainier got her DDB title, with bronze ups in 5 games, close to her DDBE, and she now has 2 games towards her DDS with very limited showing.

The main sports I wanted to do with a keeper puppy was scent work and agility. Rainier is absolutely in love with both, and made her debut in AKC scent work at 10 months of age, and has been excelling ever since, with virtually no NQ's and placements (primarily 1sts) for almost every run. At 14 months she achieved her first five scent work titles: SCN, SEN, SBN, SIN and her overall novice title SWN, with placements (mostly 1sts) in almost all of her runs. 


At 17 months, in 1 trial weekend (2 days) she Q'd in 14/16 runs, with 13/14 of those Q's being placements (8 - 1st place, 3 - 2nds, 1 - 3rd, and 1- 4th!). At this trial, she achieved her next six scent work titles, SCNE, SENE, SBNE, SINE, her overall novice elite scent work title SWNE, as well as her first advanced scent work title SEA! Videos from this trial weekend are below in the video section!


At her first trial in 2024, she went 2/2 in Advanced Container and Advanced Interior, getting 1st in both, as well as her SIA title. At her second trial of 2024, Rainier went 9/12, with 6 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd. At this trial she also obtained her SCA & SBA titles, as well as her overall scent work advanced title SWA. She also debuted in the excellent level, in excellent exterior and excellent buried, and Q'd in both on Saturday, and got 3rd place for excellent buried!


In February of 2024, at her first attempt ever at NACSW, Rainier achieved her ORT title passing Birch, Anise, & Clove!

In April of 2024, at Versatile K9's Wild West City trial, Rainier got 2 Q's in excellent exterior and 1 Q in excellent interior (our debut in that class!)! Both of her exterior Q’s were placements with a 1st place (53.53s) and a 3rd place (1.29.14s). On top of that, she got her first excellent title, Scent Work Exterior Excellent (SEE)! She gained 4 more Advanced legs at this trial as well towards elite titles. Being a team with her in scent work is an absolute dream, and I can't wait to see where our career takes us!

We are currently prepping for our agility debut!


Scent Work


2023 Debut

SIN: July 2023

SINE: November 2023

SCN: July 2023

SCNE: November 2023

SEN: July 2023

SENE: November 2023

SBN: July 2023

SBNE: November 2023

Scent Work Novice

SWN: July 2023

Scent Work Novice Elite

SWNE: November 2023

SIA: January 2024

SIAE: 7/10

SCA: March 2024

SCAE: 6/10

SEA: November 2023

SEAE: 8/10

SBA: March 2024

SBAE: 4/10

Scent Work Advanced SWA: March 2024

Scent Work Advanced Elite

SWAE: /4

SIE: 1/3

SCE: /3

SEE: April 2024

SBE: 1/3

Scent Work Excellent

SWE: 1/4


ORT: January 2024



Virtual Home Manners

VHMP: Aug 2022

VHMA: Dec 2022



In Training

Trick Dog


TKN: Aug 2022

TKI: Sept 2022

TKA: Nov 2022


TKP: Nov 2023

TKE: Nov 2023



October 2022: UpDog Debut!


August 2023: 7Up PB 64pts | 94th percentile of scores of all time  (2nd time playing this game)

DDB: Dec 2023

DDBE: 5/6 Games

DDS: 2/3

2023 UpDog Challenge International Finals Qualifier (UPDIF) in 5 games: Frizgility, Funkey, 7Up, 4WayPlay & Time Warp!

Dock Diving


In Training



In Training

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 10_edited.jpg

Rainier | Rising Tide's Endless Summit

Rainier | Rising Tide's Endless Summit

Rainier | Rising Tide's Endless Summit
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Rainier | Versatile K9 AKC Scent Work | Wild West City | April 20th & 21st, 2024

Rainier | Versatile K9 AKC Scent Work | Wild West City | April 20th & 21st, 2024

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Rainier SOTC & ECSCA March 9 & 10, 2024

Rainier SOTC & ECSCA March 9 & 10, 2024

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Rainier 7Up | 8.19.2023 | 64 points

Rainier 7Up | 8.19.2023 | 64 points

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Rainier LIGRC Scent Work Trial Searches 11.4.23 - 11.5.23

Rainier LIGRC Scent Work Trial Searches 11.4.23 - 11.5.23

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