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Rising Tide's Uncharted Waters NAJ OF DS DJ TKI VHMP, RAT, BID SSB

Call Name: Moxie

DOB: 5/22/2022

Parents: Arya x Jagger

Litter: The National Parks Litter

Owner: Amanda Muller

Moxie is a Co-Own

Breed: Border Collie

Color: Black & White Tri (Carries Red)
Coat: medium rough

Sex: Female

Height: 18"
Weight: growing

CEA/CH: clear
TNS: clear
CL: clear
IGS: clear
DM: clear
MDR1: clear
SN: clear
PLL: clear
BCG: clear
EAOD: pending

Embark​ DNA

OFA Hips: pending
OFA Elbows: pending

OFA Shoulders: pending




Moxie is our lovely co-own who lives locally with our good friend and fellow dog sport competitor Amanda Muller. From the time the pups from the National Parks litter were more "functional" and had differences in the things they enjoyed doing (exploring more with their nose, tugging, enjoying frisbee rollers, enjoying water, etc) we knew that this girl needed to go to someone who would enjoy doing "all the things". Of course, Arya would make a look-alike who also enjoyed doing *literally* everything. Thankfully, Amanda was looking for a pup - a golden retriever puppy however - but Moxie was able to convince her that she not only needed a border collie, but that she needed to go home with her. Luckily for us, this also meant that we get to see her often. 


Moxie has developed into an exceptional sport dog and loving family pet. She has enjoyed being on the water with them on their boating activities in the summer, and is extra happy to love on anyone who looks her way. She's fantastic with both dogs and people, and is especially great with puppies.


In terms of sports, Moxie has dabbled in a number of sports already, competing in agility, dock diving, disc (UpDog), and Happy Ratters, with foundations for scent work. With minimal practice in dock diving she's happily going off the big dock, has a couple competitive splashes in with NADD, and is going to soar next season! In disc, she's a showstopper - of course loving the agility crossovers the most. And in Happy Ratters, she is thrilled to be looking for her rats, and already has has RAT title!


Her main sport with Amanda is and will continue to be Agility, where they are learning to be an unstoppable team together. Truly watching them work together is a thing of beauty. At her AKC agility debut, she was phenomenal in her FEO classes, not batting an eye at the environment and working beautifully. At that debut, she scored her first Q in Novice Fast and got 1st place! A few weeks later she received her first AKC Agility title, NF. Mid October, she had her UKI debut where she soared through her NFC classes with grace and skills and got her first Q in Beginners Speedstakes.

In April of 2024, Moxie got both her Open FAST (OF) title as well as her Novice JWW (NAJ) title, with Q's in excellent FAST already!

In May of 2024, at her first dock event of the year, at a mobile dock, Moxie got her first dock diving title, Dock Junior (DJ)! She also won an invite to Regionals for the Junior Division!

In June of 2024, with her 2nd UKI Standard 1st place run, and 2nd UKI Speedstakes 1st place run, Moxie got her BID & SSB titles!



Sept 2023: Debut & 1st Q in Novice Fast

NF: Oct 2023



OF: April 2024

NAJ: April 2024


SSB: June 2024

BID: June 2024

Trick Dog


TKN: Dec 2022

TKI: Dec 2022

Scent Work


In Training

Dock Diving


August 2023: Debut! 2 Splashes, PB of 12'1"


Dock Junior DJ: May 2024

NADD Regionals 2024 DJ Invite

Dock Senior DS: June 2024

2024 PB: 19'3"



October 2022: Debut!

DDB: 2/3

DDS: 1/3

Happy Ratters


December 2022: Debut


RAT: July 2023

Moxie | Arya x Jagger 2022 | Owner: Amanda Muller

Moxie | Arya x Jagger 2022 | Owner: Amanda Muller

Moxie | Arya x Jagger 2022 | Owner: Amanda Muller
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Moxie | 22 months | Stefanie Rainer Seminar

Moxie | 22 months | Stefanie Rainer Seminar

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