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Rising Tide's The Mountains Are Calling TKA

Call Name: Jasper

DOB: 5/22/2022

Parents: Arya x Jagger

Litter: The National Parks Litter

Owner: Ana Mrksic

Breed: Border Collie

Color: Black & White (Carries Tri, Red, Piebald, & Dark Mask | Has the Red Intensity Gene)
Coat: medium rough (Carries Curly Coat)

Height: 21.75"
Weight: 42#

CEA/CH: clear
TNS: clear
CL: clear
IGS: clear
DM: clear
MDR1: clear
SN: clear
PLL: clear
BCG: clear
EAOD: clear

Optimal Selection

OFA Hips: pending
OFA Elbows: pending

OFA Shoulders: pending




From the moment this boy made his appearance to the world I knew he was mine. I joked with Michelle when we bred Jagger x Arya that I wanted a black and white split face boy with ticking… then I got his photo and we both started to cry.  I honestly tried to be open to the full litter, but he had my heart from day one.  I also tried for 2 weeks to change his name, but I just couldn’t do it… Jaspy Waspy just fit him too well and I’ve always wanted a male with the Ja piece to Jagger’s name and low and behold Michelle & Mike name him Jasper… I could have died. If that didn’t seal the deal, I don’t know what else would have, lol!


Jasper is confident, bold, funny and soooo cuddly. He travels like a pro and has a great propensity to read other dogs’ energy and adjust his behaviour to ensure they feel comfortable. Jasper has also taken the same path as his mom and grandma to being a service dog, so I am looking into more training on that piece. He can signal low blood sugar, migraines, and low blood pressure without any training, it’s an amazing thing to witness, God I love genetics!


Jasper easily finished his trick titles TKN, TKI, & TKA before he was 10 months old, and we have since started training a multi array of sports. Agility being our primary focus, along with herding, obedience, dock diving, frisbee and possibly starting some official scent work in the new year. Jasper’s nose skills are out of this world, so I think he’ll really like scent work, and it’s a great start to Utility scent work.


We are so excited to start our competition journey in agility this year. Jasper is a dream to train, and his work ethic is out of this world. He’s already picked up his full teeter criteria and we are now laying the advanced foundations for his running dog walk, a-frame, and weaves. We entered our first trial this past Nov as FEO fun, worked start lines, emotional control and other great stimulus options and he handled himself like a pro. I cannot wait to see how this competition year folds out, and we hope to fly to BC to play at the Canadian Nationals in Aug with his brother Maverick. Jasper has undoubtably exceeded all my expectations so far and I cannot wait to hit the competition floor with this fast bendy boy!


Jasper’s work ethic is out of this world and has the perfect split between food and toy drive. He gives 150% when he’s working and 150% cuddle time off the field. I am not sure I could have asked this cross to give me a more perfect boy and I’m beyond blessed to call him mine. We are looking forward to starting his Agility career in the New Year! - Ana Mrksic



In Training



In Training

Trick Dog


TKN: Jan 2023

TKI: Jan 2023

TKA: Feb 2023



In Training

Jasper | Arya x Jagger 2022 | Owner: Ana Mrksic

Jasper | Arya x Jagger 2022 | Owner: Ana Mrksic

Jasper | Arya x Jagger 2022 | Owner: Ana Mrksic
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Jasper | 1st Steeplechase AAC Regional Championship

Jasper | 1st Steeplechase AAC Regional Championship

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Jasper 18 months - Nina seminar

Jasper 18 months - Nina seminar

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Jasper Agility Seminar

Jasper Agility Seminar

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