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Call Name: Jagger

Owned and Loved by Ana Mrksic in Canada
DOB: 12/12/2011

Breed: Border Collie

Color: Red
Coat: medium rough

Height: 20.5"
Weight: 38#

CEA/CH: Normal
TNS: Normal
CL: Normal
IGS: Normal
DM: Normal
MDR1: Normal
SN: Normal
PLL: Normal
BCG: Normal
EAOD: Normal

Optimal Selection Clear

OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal




Jagger also known as J, G, Jig-a-lig, Z, Red, Red Dog, GG and many many more ridiculous nicknames! This boy is Ana's complete heart and she's so thankful he picked her from the day he was born! At the time Ana was not ready for another dog and she tried to delay that decision but it clearly didn’t work! He knew she needed him and never let her forget that.  Sometimes things happen for a reason and she's never be more thankful for that decision! 


Jagger excels at anything that is asked of him and has a bomb proof temperament. He has never met a person, dog, animal or child he doesn’t like. He is very smart boy and loves to be right in all he does. His movement, jumping and work ethic are more than Ana could have dreamed of. 


Ana and Jagger are currently competing in Utility Obedience and had the top Open A score in Canada in 2017. Jagger has made multiple Canadian World Teams, placed 16th at BCC and won Canadian Nationals. They also compete in flyball, with a personal best of 3.85. He also enjoys frisbee, dock and any sport you throw in his way. When he’s herding he’s got an amazing feel for his sheep and very keen eye. His puppies from his past litters are also multi-sport dogs who herd and also play flyball, agility and many other sports. We love the diversity Jagger brings to his pups and feel like they would excel at anything you’d like to try with them. 


At home Jagger is Ana's loyal side kick, emotional support everything and just the best dog ever. Within a day Jagger could be visiting the nursing home to snuggle the residences and the next moment be herding or playing agility. He is always ready for anything at a moments notice. He has had 5 litters prior to this breeding and the pups are all exceeding Ana's expectations including one she kept, Maverick. She is so thankful everyday she is able to call Jagger hers! "Anyone who takes a puppy from this litter is getting a piece of my soul and I’m so excited for you all!"



CD (CKC Novice Obedience)


CDX (CKC Obedience Open A title)

Trick Dog


NTD (Novice Trick Dog)

ITD (Intermediate Trick Dog)

ATD (Advanced Trick Dog)

ETD (Excellent Trick Dog)

ROM (Register of Merit - Trick dog Title) 



FD - Flyball Dog (20 points)

FDX - Flyball Dog Excellent (100 points)

FDCh - Flyball Dog Champion (500 points)

FDCh-S - Flyball Dog Silver (1000 points)

FDCh-G - Flyball Dog Gold (2500 points)


FM - Flyball Master (5000 points)

FMX - Flyball Master Excellent (10,000 points)

FMCh - Flyball Master Champion (15,000 points NAFA) 



HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate) 




ADC (Agility Dog Of Canada)

SGDC (Starter Games Dog of Canada)

MSCDC (Master Steeplechase Dog of Canada)

AADC (Advanced Agility Dog of Canada)

Canada Cup 22" 3rd Overall Jumpers



6th Overall AAC Regionals

Open Jumping Jutlandia Cup 30th/263 dogs

Open Jumping Jutlandia Cup 26th/263 dogs

2nd A1 Agility

CKC Agility Team Canada Member - EO Germany




AGDC (Agility Games Dog of Canada)

MADC (Master Agility dog of Canada)

MJDC (Master Jumping Dog of Canada) AAC

UKI Spring Cup

1st Overall Biathalon

1st Overall Speedstakes

4th Overall Games


SSN (Novice Speedstakes)


AG.N (Agility Novice)

AG.N.J (Agility Novice Jumping)

CKC Agility Team Canada - EO France

Border Collie Classic

43rd/450 dogs


CKC Agility Team Canada - EO Alternate

IND (UKI Novice International Dog)

WAO Pentathlon Runner Up (Win On) 

Spring Cup

1st Overall Master Series

1st Overall Biathlon

Gamble 2nd

UKI Nationals

Master Series Champion - 1st Overall

6th Overall Biathlon 

3rd Overall Speedstakes

9th Overall Games


AG.I. (CKC Intermediate Agility) 

AG.I.J (CKC Intermediate Jumping) 

AG.X (CKC Excellent Agility)

AG.X.J (CKC Excellent Jumping)

Top 5 Border Collie in Canada CKC



ISD (UKI International Senior Dog) 

Spring Cup (Ontario)

2nd Overall Master Series (Bye) 

2nd Overall Speedstakes

5th Overall Biathlon

CKC Agility Team Canada - EO Austria

Spring Cup (Nova Scotia)

3rd Overall Master Series

1st Overall Speedstakes 

5th Overall Biathlon

Border Collie Classic

9th Overall BCC Team Final


MSDC (Master Snooker Dog of Canada) AAC



IAC (International Agility Champion UKI) 

Spring Cup

7th Overall Biathlon

2nd Overall Master Series

3rd Overall Games

1st Overall Speedstakes


MGDC (Master Gamble Dog of Canada) AAC

ATChC - Agility Trial Champion of Canada AAC

UKI Nationals

3rd Overall UKI National Final 

5th Overall Speedstakes 

2nd Overall Games 

UKI Fall Cup

1st Overall Biathlon

1st Overall Master Series

1st Overall Games

2nd Overall Speedstakes

EFC UKI TOP Dog 24” Division 

CKC Agility Team Canada - EO Netherlands

CKC Agility Team Canada - AWC Alternate and Team Member 

2020 WAO Team Member 

Border Collie Classic

16th Overall BCC A3 Run



AG.M.X.J (Agility Master Excellent Jumping CKC) ​​

CKC TOP Agility Dog - 10th Overall Herding Dog

CKC TOP Agility - 2nd Overall - Border Collie