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Call Name: Reef

DOB: 5/22/2022

Parents: Arya x Jagger

Litter: The National Parks Litter

Owner: Michael Spiotta

Breed: Border Collie

Color: Black & White (Carries Red, Tri & Saddle Tan)| Has the Red Intensity Gene)
Coat: medium rough (Carries Curly Coat)

Sex: Male

Height: growing
Weight: 35#

CEA/CH: clear
TNS: clear
CL: clear
IGS: clear
DM: clear
MDR1: clear
SN: clear
PLL: clear
BCG: clear
EAOD: clear

Optimal Selection

OFA Hips: pending
OFA Elbows: pending

OFA Shoulders: pending




Reef is exactly what we were hoping for in our keeper male from this litter. He’s the sweetest boy and loves to do things together. We joke that he’s a little more “do” and a little less “think,” but as he’s begun to mature, he’s really turned in to the total package. He’s always ready to work when asked, but has a fantastic “off switch” at home! 


Reef is a dream to train. Always eager to please and happy to work! He loves his people just as much as he loves food—and he REALLY loves food!


He has started to compete in Dock Diving and Disc, and is very close to titling in both sports! In Dock, he's competed twice with NADD and went from an 8' jump for his first recorded jump ever to a PB of 18'2" with virtually no practice. In December of 2023, Reef got his DDB title with UpDog with limited trialing. He’s also begun training in Flyball and has been a natural! He has also started foundation skills in agility!


Reef loves to move and use his body, but he also has a fantastic nose. He does everything with exuberance, and scent work is no different. He will begin trialing in scent work in early 2024 and we expect big things from him. Reef has also continued his trick dog training and recently earned his TKI, and we plan to earn his TKA and TKP this coming year!

Last but not least is Reef’s new love of Canicross! Mike and Reef only started this journey a month or so ago, and are already loving it! Mike has shaved a minute or so off his average mile time in just a few weeks, and Reef absolutely loves running with his dad! We are hoping to debut in this (if we can find events local enough) in 2024 as well!


Reef is more than just a great sports dog though—he’s a fantastic companion! Reef loves other dogs, and loves spending time with us. He’s our little mountain goat on the trails, and will happily bound up a mountain with Mike, or going forging head on into a stream or lake for a swim!

In January of 2024, Reef debuted in AKC scent work and achieved his first 2 Q's in Novice Interior and Novice Containers. In February of 2024, at his first attempt ever at NACSW, Reef achieved his ORT title passing Birch, Anise, & Clove! In June of 2024, Reef completed his overall scent work novice title (SWN) with a bang going 7/8 for the weekend, and getting HIT on June 8th, with placements in 6/7 of his Q's! 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and 2 3rds!


In the year ahead our goals are to really go head on into scent work and dock diving! In May, at his first dock event of the year, at a mobile dock, Reef got his first dock diving title, Dock Senior (DS) with 4 splashes in senior! We are hoping for Reef to qualify for the NADD Northeast Regionals this year (fingers crossed for Nationals). We also plan on really kicking it into gear with Flyball, and continuing to enjoy our time on the frisbee field! 



In Training

Trick Dog


TKN: October 2022

TKI: Nov 2023

Scent Work


SIN: March 2024

SINE: July 2024

SCN: March 2024

SCNE: July 2024

SEN: May 2024

SENE: 8/10

SBN: March 2024

SBNE: 8/10

Scent Work Novice

SWN: May 2024


ORT: January 2024

Dock Diving


Dock Novice DN: 3/5

Dock Junior DJ: 2/5

2023 PB: 18'2"


Dock Senior DS: May 2024

Dock Master DM: June 2024

2024 PB: 21'4"



2nd Place Novice Division in Greedy at his debut event

DDB: December 2023

2023 UpDog Challenge International Finals Qualifier (UPDIF) in 2 games: Frizgility & 7UP


VHMP: Aug 2022

VHMA: Nov 2023



In Training

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 3.16.54 PM.PNG

The National Parks Litter

The National Parks Litter

The National Parks Litter
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